Friday, January 25, 2013

Wild at Wings

Seven cool things about this game:

7.) Brunner hat ein PPG Tor weider (Brunner got a goal again, on the PP).

6.) Smith was a +3 with an assist. Got a lot of time in.

5.) Val was a +3 with three assists.

4.) Our top three lines kicked ass. Just check out the box score.

3.) Todd is back. Had two goals, five shots.

2.) Despite our even record (of four games), Howard has been GOOD. This game solidified it even more.

1.) We won
... and in regulation too.

So yeah! Take that, you and your boy-ish good looks, Zach Parise!

Minnesota Wild 3 - Detroit Red Wings 5

Monday, January 21, 2013

Shootout: Tor von Damien Brunner!

Mmm, apple turnover...
Quick question: In German speaking countries, when hockey is played, do they call turnovers "taschen" as in "Apfeltaschen"?
I laugh, but no one is going to understand that-- no wait, I mean, no one will find it funny.

A lot of ups-- a few downs, but overall a lot better than game 1. Maybe because we actually had a somewhat respectable defense. I was annoyed at first by Mackenzie smashing Smith's face in the boards and I nearly lost it during the first powerplay were Brunner had the puck and the most perfect opportunity for a goal but waited too long. I would have been thrilled to have the first goal of the season by a [Swiss] German speaker. But glad that Lashoff has a nice little story for his first NHL game ever. First two goals were actually by are defense! Pavel saved us by tying the game near the end and Pavel also had a really cool take away with two minutes remaining in regulation. And another one in overtime.

But Damien Brunner got only goal in the 4 round shootout. JAWOHL!

SUPER TOLL. Es ist cool jetzt, weil ich auf Deutsch sprechen kann, wenn Brunner gut macht.
I still feel that grammar is incorrect...

On a random note, you think they could have picked a better picture of Miller?
My god, it's so comical.


Columbus Blue Jackets 3 - Detroit Red Wings 4, SO.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Todd and Z

Late on posting this. But... this was PRETTY gnarly.


In other news, Z got the C.

Friday, December 28, 2012

It's the MLB Batting Practice Fashion Show!!!

Photo credit:
Hockey no longer exists, baseball is in the off season... what on earth can I write about?


I'm rolling my eyes. I swear.

Are the regular uniform hats worn during the game not good enough? While I could comment on how ugly some of them are, and kinda cool and retro the others are, I just can't bring myself to care. Strange, I'm a girl that loves fashion too. But this-- this is silly.

Just like that damn screaming Braves logo. What the hell is that?

No seriosuly, why?

There was a special guest that sang "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch at tonight's game. Wow, how can you get better than Jeff Daniels and The Tigers?
Add Verlander keeping the Yankees scoreless for eight innings with a kitten and some ice cream.

New York Yankees 1 - Detroit Tigers 2

Series: NYY 0 - DET 3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

MLB Postseason: ALCS, Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees -- Game 1

MLB Postseason: ALCS, Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees -- Game 1

Back in the U.S. of A and just in time to talk about some very serious news that occurred in Game 1...
(Photo credit: Jim McIsaac)
It's quite devastating.
In the press conference following the game, Joe Girardi and rest of the New York Yankee organization announced that each and every player will be wearing a #2 on their sleeve in honor of their fallen teammate.
May god speed.

Dear Internet,
I would like that in gif form. You know what I'm talking about, that fumble-fall from the top of 12th. Please and thank you.

In theaters this holiday season...
I cannot wait until they make this into a feature film. I wonder who would play Jeter. He would play himself, I'm sure.

The worst part about all of this? Not only do I have to hear about this for the next decade, but if the Tigers were to advance, you'll be sure that will be used as an excuse.

Treat Jeter like a horse-- or Old Yeller. No. Wait. Save the shot for me. Not sure if I can handle it anymore. How many times I have heard the name "Derek Jeter" in the past 30 minutes? I'm sure both Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder would be plastered if this were a drinking game, where they must take a sip for every time his name was mentioned.

Okay, let's move on.

Detroit Tigers 6 - New York Yankees 4

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Agent, Raburn Update

Free Agent Extravaganza!!!!!!!11one
At this rate, I say Parise is going to sign with:
1. Windsor Spitfires
2. Quebec Nordiques
3. The WNBA
 Or maybe he'll join the Heat...?
I don't know and I'm starting to care less.
Raburn Update 
Now, Mario, you tell me that were "signs" in June that Raburn was going to be picking it up soon. Were these "signs" perhaps made of construction paper and written crayons, which Raburn tapped all over the club house? Because I haven't seen them yet.
Tell me, Dave, that we are getting rid of him.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nicklas Lidstrom to make Retirement Anouncement after 20 NHL Seasons

Source: Sports Illustrated

Tigers: Raburn to Toledo

   Real Quick, Tigers have optioned Ryan Raburn to Toledo. No idea why it has taken this long, but it has been done. However, it has brought up a lot of concerns. We don't have a consistent team. Worth and Kelly haven't lived up and don't seem to starter-like qualities.
   Now everyone seems to be all happy do to the Raburn thing, and now want to pick up someone big like Vladimir Guerrero or Bobby Abreu. Well... getting that one "big guy" isn't going to do anything. Haven't you learned? No offense, but just look at recent years with the Tigers when we added Sheffield, Damon, or even Cabrera and Fielder. Those players are not a single solution. There are a lot of things wrong with the team which are preventing us from being a solid contender. Let's work on a little bit of everything.

But seriously, Tigers, you really need to make my day today. Because...

Friday, May 18, 2012


Not going to lie. I'm a bit depressed. Actually a lot of depressed.

   As most fans in Detroit, I'm going to be reflecting on that game that was played. You know, that Detroit-Pittsburgh game. Interleague really wasn't what made it interesting... it was Verlander.

Part 1 -- Being at an event with the game projected on a giant screen, this above was our view. It was like watching Dyslexic Detroit Tigers with a 5-0 lead facing... I think... that's a "q" so I think the Quebec Expos. It was completely awesome to see Verlander as a lefty. The broadcast was in Russian which was usual, but there was a MAJOR error by Delmon Young, who ran the bases the WRONG WAY. Hot mess, and they even took away two runs way and the score became 3-0 Tiger.

Oh wait... we were watching the game backwards.
Darn, if only Verlander and Alex were lefties.
Part 2 -- And then it was the 7th inning and we soon realized we needed to actually watch the game how it should be watched. We were all ecstatic going into the 9th. He got one down, which was awesome. Okay, great, now just two more. Everything was all fabulous AND THEN...


Part 3 -- Then the final two outs came. Well... at least we won, right? Then I went home in a bad mood.

I don't know... I don't really have much to say. *sigh* 

Pittsburgh Pirates 0 - Detroit Tigers 4
Verlander: 9 innings, 2 walks, 0 runs, 1 hit.

The MLB network is not talking about Verlander or anything some-what exciting; but Andy Petitte.

Also, caught about 40 seconds of the Momorial Cup stuff so I can't really comment.
Did catch the Sox-Cubs game. If only the Cubs could have won. At least it ended with a strike. Congrats with everything Kerry Wood, and good luck.